cultural day

Kia ora bloggers,

Today I got stage fright, you see I was super confident at the day time show. But I wasn’t so confident at the night show. So as you may know I am a runner (If you don’t know what a runner is check the blog under this), I got classes and did this and that. But tonight my family was there. I got super nervous knowing that there was way more people there at the night show then in the day show. I also wished my sister never came. She haunts me with whatever she can.

I was a person that had to do a speech and I got a stage fright, I couldn’t do it. So my friend Khadeeja had saved me, even though she hadnt practised and she didnt want to do it, she saved the day and she was my hero. Then we started dancing. I was so shy and everyone was staring. My outfit was the biggest and it had the most patterns, which I regret bringing. But anyways we finished I was super grateful to Khadeeja . My personal favorite groups were… 1st – Chinise group, 2nd – Latin America and 3rd – Niuean girls group. But anyways that it for my blog so blog ya later!


Cultral day

Kia ora bloggers,

Yesterday My school did cultral day, I was so nervous, My group was up first and I had to read the script. We performed our show that went pretty good. I sat down in my chair because I was a runner, I had to go around classes and ask for people in particular, I was out of breath, I ran so much but luckly I had my mate with me.

I watched all the other perfomances which were amazing such as ( Niuean girls, tongan boys, Bolywood, chinise, Samoan, latin america and Kapa Haka.) It was so cool. My mom was not there but she is coming to the night show which is the next day so stay updated for that!

Ka kite blog ya later!

Term review

Kia ora bloggers,

A few days ago I made a term reflection, if you dont know what a term reflection is it is practicly a recount or something that has happened in the past. I love writing recounts, that way you already know what to write about and you dont even need to really think about whaat happened. But that not my topic, We had four main things to write about in our slides, they were Highlights 4+, Struggles problems 2+, New learning 3+ and Goals 1+.

I really enjoyed writing my term reflection, it was hard to choose what the things were that I was going to write about as we have did so many cool, fun and educational learning. There was so many options but I culd only fit four Highlights on my slides. I finally chose, if you are wondering what they were check my slides down below.


Tread lightly

Kia ora bloggers,

Yesterday we did tread lightly, tread lightly was about the enviroment and keeping it clean. We  have to keep our enviroment clean so we can survive in this puluted world. We did activities on how much electricity we are wasting and how we should be using our electricity. We also learned about bugs and bee’s plus the creepy crawlies (worms). I learnt so much of tread lightly and I am super grateful for all the amazing things we do at school.

We were told that we are now not allowed to wash cars on the concrete, the reasoning for this was because then soap goes down the sewers which are only meant for the rain. Then the soap would go out to the sea and fish would die and people that swim in that water would not be safe. If your wondering “Were do I wash my car then” Well you can accually wash your car in the grass.


Here are some photos of our experience.

Ka kite. Blog ya later!


Kia ora bloggers,

My school does cooking, except year 1 2 3’s and 4’s. For term one and two year sixes have been doing cooking. I will tell you about my expirience. My first expirience was cream cheese and blueberry muffins. I was buddys with my classmate Rayyan. First we made the batter. I cant really remember the ingredients. Then we added in some frozen blueberry’s, we mixed till it was mixed firily. We soon added in bits of cream cheese. Then we baked the in the oven and we ate them.

My second time cooking I baked pizza pinwheeles. We had puff paystry infront of us and we had a bunch of pizza toppings. I added tomato paste to my paystry and I added more toppings I cant really remember it though. Then we popped them into the oven. Then I made a sweet pizza pinwheele. I added chocolate spread, lollies and sprinkles. It was so delisious. The next lesson I missed so I cant tell you guys about that.

Here are some photos

Life ed

Kia ora bloggers,

On Monday we had Harold the girrafe and the lady name Nat. We went into the big truck and we saw different lights. She asked us to sit down and she asked for our names and we got to pick a colour for the settings. We then learnt about our upstairs brain and our downstairs brain, if our upstairs brain flips our mood will budge in, and thats when we need to do a deep breathe in and out. After that we learnt about how our hormones change as we grow up. We talked about leaderships and bossy boots. She then gave us a laminated paper saying something either in leadership or being a bossy boots. We stuck them up onto the whiteboard and we saw harold with his amazing lashes. I wish I had those type of lashes. Our session was then over.

The following week we learnt more and more about how our feelings change and how much emotions we get. We learnt a lot of new things that we never even knew about. I was really grateful for my learning time at the amazing life education caravan.

Here are some photos


Kia ora bloggers,

Yesterday my class and R8 did cybersmart, we learnt about spam emails. Spam emails are when we get emails that dont seem familiar and have an email address that you do not recongize. These emails could hack your laptop comuter  The best thing to do when that happens is to tell a teacher and let them deal with the rest of it.

Here is a video I made with my friend.

Moths and butterflies

Kia ora bloggers,

A few weeks ago we had a reasearching project to do. We did reasearching out of books. We went to the library and we chose our books. We looked in our books and we had to write a paragraph on a google doc, once we were done we could choose any type of presentation way that we wanted.


I chose google slides and I just finished so here it is.


Email tips

Kia ora bloggers,

Today in cybersmart we are learning to write proper emails. We sat down on the mat and watched a video on writing emails. Then we did a quick quiz with our cybersmart teacher by have a text with your friend and a Email with you teacher. We had a bunch of things you could either say to your friend or to your teacher. We all got stuck on this very hard one but in the end we got it. It was very fun! We also got sent a email from the teacher and we had to put some arrows that had writing on it to the part that matches. You might not get me but first look at the slides. Here are the slides⇣

Film festival

Kia ora bloggers,

Today we did our film festival in cybersmart. We had to make a copy of some slides and then we had to put down three photos of how our group worked very well. We could put conversations on it and we could put down our work. I put down our work. I am very happy with my group because we all work well together.

Here is my slides.