Skipwrecked on poles island

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Today I created a story called poles island.

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  Shipwrecked on poles island


Chapter 1


“Hi I am Eliana”, I am 14 years old. I’ve always wanted to go on a ship or a fairy but it is too expensive so my whole life I have been sitting down and watching people going on fairies and ships on TV. Today I turned 17. This is my last year of high school. Yes, finally I don’t have to go to that school anymore. Primary was so much better.


Chapter 2


The moment I left school TING TING TING, now I can go on a boat all my allowance and student allowance money  can buy me a big ship. “ Umm I do not know how I just bought a ship”. My friend Kass came over and I showed her my big ship. “Well what do you think”. Her jaw dropped like it really did.


Chapter 3


“ GIRLLLLLLL we need to go on a ride. It’s Massive” Kass said. “Sure why not”  I said “ do you know how to ride it Eliana” “YEA I DO” so we went with like so much water bottles, food, gas cooker, 2 pillows and a blanket. “Drive safe Eliana me and you dad will miss you so much”. “ I will mum”. “We are going from America to Greenland. “ sleep time,” I said. When we woke up the ship went down and I said “ follow me Kass an Island”. We were trapped but a ship came “were saved!!!!!!!” Kass screamed.


        Chapter 4


 They took us to a building and put us inside. I told them what is on why they are in a cell. Let’s just put on that island “ok fine but we are leaving you there forever” “just take us there immediately”. “I don’t know this but these people  are saved”. “What will take me back? I want to be here”. “No you wanted to go so bye” “please just give us a paper, pen and a bottle please” “ok fine” they said to me. We went back to the island and figured out its name, poles island.        


Chapter 5


We used paper and pen, wrote something in it and put it in a bottle for someone to get it. We built a shelter with wood sugar canes and metal that we found on the ground Someone saved us.






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  1. Hey everyone I hope you enjoyed my story, have a great day, stay safe and please leave a comment!!!

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