Nuie Celebrations- SLJ Task 8-Step it up

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For this task we had to talk to our family about how does celebrations connect us to culture. I asked my mum and she told me her understanding on it. I have a question for all of you. What does the celebration of your culture celebrated. The Afghan Ataan orginally represented the victory of a war. Now it used for celebrations such as weddings.


Here it is:

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2 thoughts on “Nuie Celebrations- SLJ Task 8-Step it up

  1. Hi Asmah,

    It’s Emma here from the Summer Learning Journey.
    You have made some really informed points. I agree, it is so important that we learn to celebrate our differences and become educated on one another’s culture. I believe this is one of the best things we can do to create great connections with people and value everyones place in our society. I had a look online to find out more about the Afghan Ataan, what a lovely celebration, the colourful dresses and clothing are beautiful. It is interesting how the meaning behind some traditions and celebrations change over time. Have you take part in one of these dances before? I would love to know more about it. Thank you for sharing Asmah.

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