Recreating portraits- SLJ Task 10- Step it up

Asalamualaikum Bloggers,

For this task we have to expand on what we have recreated by giving three reason on why recreating portraits has been so successful during lockdown. I have added the recreation and put a bubble and added my reasons to it as the task said to.

  • Reason number 1: I think that this challenge has been so successful in lockdown because we have a lot of recycled materials we can use to get creative.  People are more inspired to do these type of challenges because they have extra free time and are bored during lockdown.
  • Reason number 2: It is a fun Activity, people do this because it is fun and entertaining as we have so much time because we are not able to leave the house during this period of time (lockdown).
  • Reason number 3: You can do these challenges with your family like having competitions. This builds up in family connections which is awesome. Some people do it to get views and they succeed in doing that as people  are always on their device during this duration (lockdown)

Here is the my way of presenting my reasons on my recreation:

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2 thoughts on “Recreating portraits- SLJ Task 10- Step it up

  1. Hi Asmah,

    Although we are thankfully not in lockdowns in New Zealand anymore, it’s great to see you have still been able to make relevant reflections about taking part in an activity like this during lockdown. Having time to do these activities with your family and making it fun is definitely a great way to build family connections. I wonder if now that we are free to go out and its leading up to Christmas, that some people might struggle to find the time for these sorts of activities. What do you think? Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this task Asmah!

    1. Hey Emma. Yea thankfully we are not in lockdown but yea i am pretty sure people will not have times to do this anymore since lockdown is over.


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