Shape poems 2nd lesson

Kia ora bloggers,

Yesterday my class and I made shape poems. I did one about a mystry can you guess what it is, you can leave you answer in the comments. Don’t forget to put something positive thoughtful and helpful in the comments aswell.

Something I enjoyed was deffinetly thinking about what the poem could be about.

The thing I found the hardest was shaping the poem it took me about 20 minutes to shape it.

Back to our topic it’s a mystry I hope you have a good guess. I think it’s very easy because there is a hint, you could also comment what you think the hint was, and how you got your answer.

Anyways here is my poem.

Ka kite
blog ya later!

2 thoughts on “Shape poems 2nd lesson

  1. Kia ora Asmah. Awesome poem. I’m pretty sure I know what it is but I don’t want to give it away for your other readers. It reminds me of a poem we created in Taylor Class yesterday. you can check it out here and leave them a comment.

    1. Kia ora Phil,
      Thanks for leaving a comment and thanks for not giving it away. I will make sure to leave a comment on one of Talor classes blogs. Have a wonderful easter.

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