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Kia ora bloggers,

Today I wrote a narative about a friend. I hope you enjoy my piece of writing!

here it is


“Gusty come here” shouted beggy the bat “what beggy what do you want” said Gusty the giant “YOU FORGOT TO FLUSH THE TOILET AGAIN!” “Whoops,” said the gusty giant 

“Well don’t think it’s going to flush on its own come here NOW!” “Ok im coming” (comes to the bathroom) “oof it stinks” yes thats why i have been waiting outside until you came” (gusty flushes the toilet) “hey gusty i’m hungry can you make me something” “sure what do you want” said gusty “ummmm  your famous pasta🍝” “ok but under one condition that condition is that you have to rub my feet” “ok fine” said beggy bat (gusty makes the pasta) “mmm that’s so good🦇 we should go open the pasta store up” “uh uh uh you’re not going until you rub my feet🦶” “ugh fine quick” ( grabs the foot rubbing tool)

“What were is the pegs” (They look for the pegs) they find a gummy bear with their pegs “hey look here who are you” Said beggy “i’m gummy the gummy bear i love pegs and i could smell them so i came why” “oh why aren’t you at home” “ I don’t have a home I ran away from the adoption center and I came here” “what! you should have told me earlier you can stay with me and gusty but you have to help me rub that guys feet” “of course! Thank you” “your welcome🥰

Ka kit blog ya later!

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