Kia ora bloggers,

I know this was 5 years ago but this was the funnest winter I have ever had. Let’s get started!

In the winter my mom thought about going to the snow. She said she hadn’t been there for so long so we all agreed but, under one condition that condition was that we go with our cousins. My mum agreed, she hopped on to her phone and booked a big place for all of us to stay in. My mum then called my cousins and told everyone to pack their stuff because our trip was only one day ahead of us. We packed and the night came me and my siblings secretly packed some of our favorite snacks and we then went to bed. We woke up in the morning and we were shivering but we were so excited this drive was hours away so we called my cousins to tell them let’s go! Once we got to our destination we looked at the house. This was not a house, this was a palace; it was so big we all claimed our bedrooms and explored and put our stuff away. I shared a room with my cousin Khadija and we changed into our snow clothes and made snow angels we had a snowball fight it was so fun we went to sleep and the next morning the sun was out we asked to go to the beach that was not far away our parents agreed and we headed to the beach were we had so much fun until we went home and started packing we didn’t want to leave but we had to we made some cup noodles for everyone in the car and we went home I hope I can go another time

Ka kite

Blog ya later!

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