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Today my class and I are writing about our favorite age sutiable movies. I chose monster house because its a really good movie to watch, it’s age sutiable for kids. It does have a few scary parts but I don’t think they are THAT scary. I will tell you more about this movie, but first what is your favorite movie?

This movie starts of when their was a boy in his room, he was 12 years old and his name was DJ. Dj was looking out his window at Mr Nebbercracker’s house right across the road, there was a little girl riding her trycical and she steped on the lawn of the old mans house. Suddenly  the man stepes out of the house breaking her trycical and leaving the girl in tears.

On the same day Dj’s parents had left for a meeting that usally last for sevral days. In that time Dj’s careless babysitter Zee had to look after him. Dj went to go hang out with his friend Chowder. They were walking past Mr Nebbercracker’s house. Chowder had accidently lost his ball on the lawn, he tried to grab it but he steped on the lawn. Mr Nebbercracker immediantly came outside but as he grabbed the boy bet then he had a heart attack.

There was a girl named Jenny selling candy and she  got saved by dj. They went inside the house and they got really scared they found out that the wife of Mr Nebbercracker was locked in the house but they saw every part of a body in the house.

Mr Nebbercracker comes back and finds them in the house Dj begges Mr Nebbercracker to let his wife free. After that they all left the house and enjoyed their lifes.

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