Ozzy the otter

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Today we wrote a story on ozzy the otter it is about how ozzy an otter wanted to be the best photographer in the world. With my teacher we had read through some slides and it showed us half of the story so we had to finish of the rest of the story. Something I found chalenging about writing this story was having to think really hard on what the rest of my story was going to be about. Something I enjoyed was writing the story. here is my story↓


In the forest Misty Walters with everyone’s favourite river inside (Blue Rush) lived Ozzy the otter. Ozzy had always dreamt of being the world’s best photographer. He loved taking pictures, especially taking photos of nature. He had a long lasting relationship with his childhood friend Kali koala they had met when Kali was in the trees and Ozzy was taking pictures. Kali liked watching Ozzy take photos and he also loved helping him to take photos. But Ozzy always got upset when his phone ringed, the phone ringed because that was when he had to turn back, not for dinner, not for lunch, and not for sleep, it was because the Brany brown bear lived there and that is one of the animals that  EAT OTTERS! But he at least got to explore the rest of the forest. Ozzy went home and went past Ossy Owl who  had always doubted his dreams of being the world’s best photographer. He only hated him because he thinks ozzy stole his name.  He did not like Ozzy otter. But Ozzy’s mother had always told him “Never give up”. His mother had always encouraged him to not give up. The next day he heard a noise coming from the opposite way from the forest and the noise led him to candy coast, an amazing beautiful land with different colours. He had seen something so extraordinary. He whipped out his camera. He saw a Strany (a furry friend) *click* went his camera. He ran home back to his mum “MUM MUM” he cried “I got the best photo in the world” “You better enter it in the competition” Mum said. He then ran to Kali “ I got the best photo in the world!” “ That’s great! Let’s enter it in the competition” said Kali. The news had spread far out, the news reached Ossy, Ossy had got so mad! He had taken a beautiful picture in the forest and he entered it too. They had waited several days for the winners and they finally got it. The whole forest gathered up for the winner Tv- “ Ossy and Ozzy who is it and the winner is OSSY *Yayyyyyyy* cheered everyone. “Wait wait nevermind it’s …. OZZY. “wait what I won OMG what yay” *Everyone cheered!* “HORAYYY” The winner got a HD xtravision new Camera. Ozzy saw the look on Ossy’s face and handed the Camera to Ossy. “Why are you giving this to me?” Ossy said. “Kindness is key,” replied Ozzy. And they all lived happily ever after.

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