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Kia ora bloggers,

On Monday we had Harold the girrafe and the lady name Nat. We went into the big truck and we saw different lights. She asked us to sit down and she asked for our names and we got to pick a colour for the settings. We then learnt about our upstairs brain and our downstairs brain, if our upstairs brain flips our mood will budge in, and thats when we need to do a deep breathe in and out. After that we learnt about how our hormones change as we grow up. We talked about leaderships and bossy boots. She then gave us a laminated paper saying something either in leadership or being a bossy boots. We stuck them up onto the whiteboard and we saw harold with his amazing lashes. I wish I had those type of lashes. Our session was then over.

The following week we learnt more and more about how our feelings change and how much emotions we get. We learnt a lot of new things that we never even knew about. I was really grateful for my learning time at the amazing life education caravan.

Here are some photos

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