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Email tips

Kia ora bloggers,

Today in cybersmart we are learning to write proper emails. We sat down on the mat and watched a video on writing emails. Then we did a quick quiz with our cybersmart teacher by have a text with your friend and a Email with you teacher. We had a bunch of things you could either say to your friend or to your teacher. We all got stuck on this very hard one but in the end we got it. It was very fun! We also got sent a email from the teacher and we had to put some arrows that had writing on it to the part that matches. You might not get me but first look at the slides. Here are the slides⇣

Poetry slam SLJ

Kia ora bloggers,

Today my class and I made the poetry slam that was uploaded on the SLJ (sumer learning journey). So practicly we made a copy of some slides and we added some ideas of what we could use in our poems. I am starting of with 4 slides and then I will carry on so stay updated.

Here are my slides
Ka kite

Blog ya later!

Poetry slam!

Kia ora bloggers,

Today with our cybersmart teacher Phil we made poetry slams. For those who dont know what poetry slam is it is when you make a poem, but we also used alliteration, Alliteraition is when you use the same letter in your poem in most of your poem.

Something I enjoyed was writing the poems this was fun because you got to choose your letter and you could write about anything you wanted to write about. Something I found challenging was finding words that start with the same letter to make a sentence, it was hard although our instucter Phil showed us a google app called thesaurus it helped us find words that start with our letter for example my letter was h and i wanted to replace big with something that starts with a h, I went to thesaurus and searched big and then I saw a word that started with a h and it had the same meaning as big it was huge.

Anyways here is my slide⬇