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Ko Maui me Te Rā – Task 25 SLJ – Step it up

Kia Ora Bloggers,

For this task we had to create a Maui and the sun animation. This was really fun to make. I took a little while but I got there. I only id the part where maui an his brothers capture the sun then the sun slows down. I am sure that is the only part we had to do. It was pretty fun to do and the ned result was not bad. We had to do this on google slides.

After 123 slides here is my animation:

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Ko Maui me Te Rā – Task 24 SLJ – Kickstart

Kia Ora Bloggers,

For todays activity it was all in Maori once again. We had to create our own character on google drawing. This was actualy pretty cool as we created our own maui. I cant wait to put this into my animation! This task was really simple but kind of hard to understand. I was putting the moko but I then realized some tribes might fiind it offensive or something so I did not add it.

Here is Maui:

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