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Escape room – Task 23 SLJ – Step it up

Hey bloggers,

For the step it up task we had to we had to create an escape room using some math. What I have done  is linked my furniture to a google form which you can answer the question to find out the code. Once you find out the code you can press on the pinpad which is linked to another form where you can write your answer.

Here is my escape room:

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Escape room- Task 22 SLJ – Kickstart

Kia ora bloggers,

For todays task we had make an escape room. I made a escape room as part of the task. Now YOU can check it out turst me the last question may be pretty hard… Ok fine its really hard its even took me half an hour getting the answer so take your time.

If you think I need anything or im missing anythig feel free to comment it down bellow and stay tuned for the step it up. Here is the escape room.

Blog ya later!