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Email tips

Kia ora bloggers,

Today in cybersmart we are learning to write proper emails. We sat down on the mat and watched a video on writing emails. Then we did a quick quiz with our cybersmart teacher by have a text with your friend and a Email with you teacher. We had a bunch of things you could either say to your friend or to your teacher. We all got stuck on this very hard one but in the end we got it. It was very fun! We also got sent a email from the teacher and we had to put some arrows that had writing on it to the part that matches. You might not get me but first look at the slides. Here are the slides⇣

Matariki nature photo search

Kia ora bloggers,

Today my class and I were learning about Matariki and how to celebrate it. Moāri people shared their gratitude for everything they had even if it was not much. My class and I belive that we should be grateful towards nature, as nature gives us oxegen. Following on we took some beautiful pictures outside.

We have to remember nature because imagine if all the trees were cut down for paper and make machines that give us dirty oxygen.

Something you could do for nature is keep adding water on plants and then they can grow bigger and create more oxegen. Something I found fun about this task was taking the pictures. Something I found hard was helping Renesmee find the button to press to see the photo’s that she had already taken.

Here are some photo’s I took.

Ka kite

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Dance with millie

Kia ora bloggers,

On monday of week five and week six my class and I did dance with millie. We first started with a quick warm up that would get us nice and energised for our dance practice we started following on the actions that she was teaching us untill we got it right. we learnt half of the dance right when it was time to go back to our classroom. We were lucky we had another sesion the following week on monday.

The next week we came back to the hall and millie was there! We started again with our warm ups, and then we got on with the dance she taught us the rest of the dance and then we did it with our buddy. We turned on the music and started to grove. It was amazing!

Here is a photo.

Shape poems 2nd lesson

Kia ora bloggers,

Yesterday my class and I made shape poems. I did one about a mystry can you guess what it is, you can leave you answer in the comments. Don’t forget to put something positive thoughtful and helpful in the comments aswell.

Something I enjoyed was deffinetly thinking about what the poem could be about.

The thing I found the hardest was shaping the poem it took me about 20 minutes to shape it.

Back to our topic it’s a mystry I hope you have a good guess. I think it’s very easy because there is a hint, you could also comment what you think the hint was, and how you got your answer.

Anyways here is my poem.

Ka kite
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Te Mara Hupara trip!

Kia ora bloggers,

On Wednesday the 15th of march we went on a trip to the Te Mara Hupara playground. I wont explain how it looks here were im writing because I have made a poster on google drawings that I will show you soon. I will tell you that I felt like i was in like 1950, exept i didnt know how to climb I tryedand I got the hang of it but i was to scared to jump.

Anyways here is the poster ⬇

Pedal power!

Hello, bloggers!

For everyone who doesn’t know what pedal power is, it’s  riding bikes. My class and I performed pedal power on an unremembered Tuesday. Those who didn’t know how to ride bikes got to practice on the other court as we engaged in various activities on them. We practiced push-push glides. On the bike, you essentially push yourself twice before lifting your feet into the air.


Since I truly didn’t know how to ride a bike, Push Push Glides definitely helped me. Then wonderful individuals arrived to help us. I actually have a bike I was planning to sell, but now I ride it instead.


It’s a shame that we only had two leesons. We hope to have more lessons throughout the year.


There were also some standards that we had to check. The first rules were the magic numbers. The magic numbers were 2, 4 and 1 . 2 was to check that there were only two finger space when you had the helmet on, 4 was to check on your ears two fingers on each side making sure that the straps of the helmet were just below the ears. Lastly 1 was to check that there was a one finger gap between your chin and the helmet strap while trying to buckle your strap.


There was also another check this was the ABCD check,

 A stands for air you check that your tyres are nice and strong. B stands for balance, We checked this by sitting on our bikes to see if we would fall while holding the breaks. C was for chain, we checked this by seeing if the chain was rusty. D was for direction, we checked this by squeezing our legs between the front tyre and seeing if the steering part of the bike would move. Then we had lots of fun riding the bikes.

Poetry slam!

Kia ora bloggers,

Today with our cybersmart teacher Phil we made poetry slams. For those who dont know what poetry slam is it is when you make a poem, but we also used alliteration, Alliteraition is when you use the same letter in your poem in most of your poem.

Something I enjoyed was writing the poems this was fun because you got to choose your letter and you could write about anything you wanted to write about. Something I found challenging was finding words that start with the same letter to make a sentence, it was hard although our instucter Phil showed us a google app called thesaurus it helped us find words that start with our letter for example my letter was h and i wanted to replace big with something that starts with a h, I went to thesaurus and searched big and then I saw a word that started with a h and it had the same meaning as big it was huge.

Anyways here is my slide⬇