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One Line Art – SLJ Task 18 – Step it up

Kia Ora Bloggers,

For Todays step it up challenge we had to create a one line art on google drawing. This was very fun. I used line and I have created a paper airplane. It took a bit of time but I managed to it. I have to say the paper one was easier as I used a laptop for my artwork. If you have anyquestion or feedback let me know in the comments. Hope you like my art.

Here it is:

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Ka kite ano!!

One Line Art – SLJ Task 17 – Kickstart

Hey Bloggers,

For todays activity we had to create one line art. For the kickstart we had to do it on paper. I chose to do a rose and got inparation of pintrest.  I really liked the end result and I really enjoyed this activity. I got it on my second try which I was happy about. I  chose these colors as it matched my drawing the rose. Hope you guys like it.

Here is my drawing:

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Kia kite!