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Poetry slam SLJ

Kia ora bloggers,

Today my class and I made the poetry slam that was uploaded on the SLJ (sumer learning journey). So practicly we made a copy of some slides and we added some ideas of what we could use in our poems. I am starting of with 4 slides and then I will carry on so stay updated.

Here are my slides
Ka kite

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Ko Maui me Te Rā – Task 24 SLJ – Kickstart

Kia Ora Bloggers,

For todays activity it was all in Maori once again. We had to create our own character on google drawing. This was actualy pretty cool as we created our own maui. I cant wait to put this into my animation! This task was really simple but kind of hard to understand. I was putting the moko but I then realized some tribes might fiind it offensive or something so I did not add it.

Here is Maui:

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Kia kite!

Poetry slam Rua – Task 21 SLJ – Step it up

Kia ora bloggers,

For the step it up task I had to record myself reading out my poem that I had made for the kickstart, if you have already read my kickstart a had made a shape poem about summer. summer is my favorite season of the year, its sunny, there is the summer learning journey and its the best time of the year to go to the beach more often.

As you might know the shape of my poem is a heart I made the heart red for some colour. If you  have any questions pop it down in the comments and I will for sure reply.

Here is the screencastify!

Ka Kite
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Poetry slam rua (shape poem) – Task 20 SLJ – kickstart

Kia ora bloggers,

For todays task we had to make a poem but, the twist was we had to make the poem in a shape ( It could be a shape of your choice.) If you dont get what I mean, I had to write a poem and make it into a shape by spacing it out.(Sorry if this was a bad explanation.)

My poem was based of summer and the hot sun. The shape I have made is a heart the is red. The heart was a bit of shape. my tequnique was to write my poem first and not worry about the shape and when I was done with that I started spacing everything out and I started making it into a heart.(I only wrote a little bit sorry. :p)

Here is my poem⬇

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Poetry Slam- SLJ Task 2 – Kickstart

Hey Bloggers,

Here is the second activity of the Summer learning Journey. Today we had to make a copy of some slides and put ideas for our poems. My slides is inspired on a beach. We also watched some poetry slams people have created.

I think that they are passionate of getting their rights and opinions of what they are talking about and inspiring people. They are getting inspired in inspiring people and giving their opinions. They have presented their poems with inthusiasimn and passion. Their expressions, voice tones and way of saying what they need to say is different then what you imagine when its written.

Anyways her are my slides:

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