My holidays!

Kia ora bloggers,
In the school holidays on saturday 22nd of april I celebated eid. Eid is a celebration in islam that we celebrate after ramadan. We celebrate after we fast for 30 days. Today i will be talking about eid and what i did on eid. Firstly I had a shower and changed into by afghan clothes. Then after i got ready my mom preped her food and we left to go to eid in the park we went with my cousins this was hosted at mountsmart stadium. We got some donuts and this very big hotdog that was amazing. We didnt fill ourselfs too much because there was a lot more food waiting for us at home.

We came back to our homes and we started cooking. After we finished cooking we cleaned and we headed to my grandparents house. we brang our food and everyone brand 2 dishes.  We then took a lot of  photos before started munching on all the food it was so delicious we then got a lot of money. Eid was very fun.

Ka kite  blog ya later!!


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