Poetry slam Rua – Task 21 SLJ – Step it up

Kia ora bloggers,

For the step it up task I had to record myself reading out my poem that I had made for the kickstart, if you have already read my kickstart a had made a shape poem about summer. summer is my favorite season of the year, its sunny, there is the summer learning journey and its the best time of the year to go to the beach more often.

As you might know the shape of my poem is a heart I made the heart red for some colour. If you  have any questions pop it down in the comments and I will for sure reply.

Here is the screencastify!

Ka Kite
Blog ya later!

7 thoughts on “Poetry slam Rua – Task 21 SLJ – Step it up

  1. Kia Ora Asmah,

    You did an awesome job reading your poem aloud, you spoke very loud and clearly with a lot of emotion.

    I love this poem and hearing you read it aloud really showed all the descriptive words such as beautiful and shining. Is this poem based on your experience of a summer adventure, is this what a daily walk may look like for you?

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing more of your posts.
    Ka kite anō,
    Zana Yates

  2. Kia ora Asmah. Ka pai and thank you so much for being brave and reading us your poem. It was great to hear how you performed your ideas and this will be a great example for others to follow. I’ve just arrived at Kapiti Island and there are so many birds here! It’s so cool. Keep up the great work!

    1. Kia ora Phill,
      It was Pretty challenging recording myself as the whole world can see this. Thats so nice I would love to visit Kapiti Island I love birds do you?

  3. Bula Vinaka Asmah,

    I really like your shape poem! I like how you chose a heart, did anything inspire that or did just want to do it? At first I was confused on how I was supposed to read it but then I eventually got it, I feel like that could’ve been a bit more obvious. Other than that I think you did really good.

    – Karolina

    1. Bula Vinaka Karolina,
      Thanks, I wanted to do a heart there was no insparaition to it I really like hearts. Next time I will try to make it a bit more chalenging for you. Ka kite Asmah-

  4. Hello Asmah, its Neha

    Amazing shape poem. The heart was a such a good shape! I chose a what. Did you just choose this shape or was it inspired? I love how you wrote it to jam it like the poetry task! A letter to…. did you that one? Anyways keep up the fantastic work.

    by neha

    1. Kia ora Neha,
      Thank you about the lovely things you are saying about my blog post.No this haert shaped poem was not inspired.But anyways thank you for reading my blog post

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