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Super Seesaw – SLJ Task 19

Kia Ora bloggers,

For todays task we had to create a sper seesaw.  To make this I used a metal type of spatular, 2 rubber bands, tape , a small bucket and a foil rolled as a ball. I got the ball into the bowl a few times and that was the challenge. Overall it was fun and even after the video finished I kept playing with it.

Here is the screencastify:

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Treasure Hunt- SLJ Task 1 + Bonus

kia ora bloggers,

For the first blog post of the summer learning journey, we had a science treasure hunt. For this task I got all the equipment and added it into my video.

The bonus I think was meant to be the step it up we were meant to use all the things that we found during the treasure hunt to make something. It could be anything at all. I collected some objects i found around the house like a lego a bolttle cap and more. I know that the creation I made wasn’t great but here is what I made.(Please do not mind my siblings in the backround noise.)

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