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Kia ora bloggers,

Today I made a migration poster on how my mum came back from Afghanistan. She also came with my grandparents she was very small at the time but, she was also very inteligent she was about eight when she left her home country I have gone  3 times in my life and I would love to visit my country again sometime!

Something I enjoyed about making this poster was adding in all the little deatails. Something I found challenging about this work was finding the font at the top.

Anyways here is the poster🡇

2 thoughts on “Migration poster

  1. Talofa Lava Asmah, it was lovely talking to you on Tuesday when I was in your class. Thank you for sharing about your family coming to New Zealand. I can not imagine what it would be like to live in a country that has fighting going on in and around it. I have been to a country after a war and that was scary with all the building with holes in. Your family must have been brave to leave what they knew to coem to the other side of the world. Next time you could preview your post so you can see if your whole poster fits.
    Tanya Mundy
    Ako Hiko EPL

  2. Talofa lava Asmah. I’m really pleased you persevered finding the font for your heading. It’s great! I also like how you have put the planes at the top and boats at the bottom of the flags.
    What do you remember about your three visits to Afghanistan? Next time you could add some detail about what you remember…………..Ms C

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