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Trick shot challenge – SLJ Task 12 – Step it up

Kia Ora Bloggers,

For todays step it we could do the same trick shot as before and either choose to time ourself how fast we can get it in and see if we can beat our score or we can get a buddy and time eachother who can get the trickshot first and the one who gets them all in the least amount of time wins. I chose to do the first one. It is not edited.

Here is the video:

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Trick shot challenge- SLJ Task 11 – Kickstart

Hey Bloggers,

For todays task we had to craete a video of ourself doing any kind of trickshot. I had a little headache so I choose to do something not to major. I chose to go far and throw pens in to a jar. It wasnt as easy as you think. My aim was to get four pens in a row.  This took me so many tries. For the bonus we had to add ourself practising. I did a timeslapse. With my timelapse my sister was passing the pens to me because I did not get it into the jar.

Here is my timelapse and video:

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