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Kia ora bloggers,

Today I got stage fright, you see I was super confident at the day time show. But I wasn’t so confident at the night show. So as you may know I am a runner (If you don’t know what a runner is check the blog under this), I got classes and did this and that. But tonight my family was there. I got super nervous knowing that there was way more people there at the night show then in the day show. I also wished my sister never came. She haunts me with whatever she can.

I was a person that had to do a speech and I got a stage fright, I couldn’t do it. So my friend Khadeeja had saved me, even though she hadnt practised and she didnt want to do it, she saved the day and she was my hero. Then we started dancing. I was so shy and everyone was staring. My outfit was the biggest and it had the most patterns, which I regret bringing. But anyways we finished I was super grateful to Khadeeja . My personal favorite groups were… 1st – Chinise group, 2nd – Latin America and 3rd – Niuean girls group. But anyways that it for my blog so blog ya later!


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