Tread lightly

Kia ora bloggers,

Yesterday we did tread lightly, tread lightly was about the enviroment and keeping it clean. We  have to keep our enviroment clean so we can survive in this puluted world. We did activities on how much electricity we are wasting and how we should be using our electricity. We also learned about bugs and bee’s plus the creepy crawlies (worms). I learnt so much of tread lightly and I am super grateful for all the amazing things we do at school.

We were told that we are now not allowed to wash cars on the concrete, the reasoning for this was because then soap goes down the sewers which are only meant for the rain. Then the soap would go out to the sea and fish would die and people that swim in that water would not be safe. If your wondering “Were do I wash my car then” Well you can accually wash your car in the grass.


Here are some photos of our experience.

Ka kite. Blog ya later!

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