Kia ora bloggers,

My school does cooking, except year 1 2 3’s and 4’s. For term one and two year sixes have been doing cooking. I will tell you about my expirience. My first expirience was cream cheese and blueberry muffins. I was buddys with my classmate Rayyan. First we made the batter. I cant really remember the ingredients. Then we added in some frozen blueberry’s, we mixed till it was mixed firily. We soon added in bits of cream cheese. Then we baked the in the oven and we ate them.

My second time cooking I baked pizza pinwheeles. We had puff paystry infront of us and we had a bunch of pizza toppings. I added tomato paste to my paystry and I added more toppings I cant really remember it though. Then we popped them into the oven. Then I made a sweet pizza pinwheele. I added chocolate spread, lollies and sprinkles. It was so delisious. The next lesson I missed so I cant tell you guys about that.

Here are some photos

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