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Owera beach trip

Kia ora bloggers,

On Friday 31st March romm 8 and my class room 9 went to the beach we did surfing. My class and I first did playing, we put our feet in the waterand did some spashes, then we went to the playground. We played and played until it was our time to surf we learned how to surf on the sand and then we jumped in the water. We surfed with some good waves and some bad, but we maneged to get through, we soon got out of the water and changed after we had a outside shower. we all got changed and then we ate our lunch it felt really good.


Soon after we went home and by the way to all Hay Park School students reading this on the 5th of April its wheeles day (Tomorow). Anyways here are some photos. Please dont judge cause im the one in the first photo looking at the camera.