Juggling – SLJ Task 30 – Kickstart

Kia Ora bloggers,

For this task we learnt how to juggle. I only practiced for an hour as I had stuff to do. I only managed to learn how to juggle with two balls. I caan barely do it with two balls actually. So we just had to learn how to juggle and videos were provided  to teach us. I tred my best and the end result isnt what I wanted but I think it works.

Here is a video of me juggling:

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One thought on “Juggling – SLJ Task 30 – Kickstart

  1. Kia ora Asmah,

    I really appreciate your effort regardless of not being able to juggle all three balls, you have done an amazing job! I agree it is super challenging to add the third ball in to the mix, as you need to manage to juggle all three at once. You have got an awesome strategy of being slow and steady which you can later challenge yourself further and go even faster.

    Keep it up!
    Manar Mahmoud (SLJ)

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