Juggling – SLJ Task 31 – Stepp it up

Kia Ora bloggers,

For this step it up activity we had to record our progress of learning how to juggle fake columns. This was pretty cool and at the end I was still very bad but better than before. I only did it in a 3 minute long video as it  would be too long. Do any of you guys know how to do fake column juggling?

Here is my video:

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One thought on “Juggling – SLJ Task 31 – Stepp it up

  1. Kia ora Asmah,

    It’s Manar from the Summer Learning Journey Team.

    Great work! I have tried to do fake column juggling but unfortunately had no luck, I need to do a lot more practice. What is in your opinion the hardest part of this activity? Looking forward to hearing back from you! Keep up the amazing work!

    Manar Mahmoud (SLJ)

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