Day: December 13, 2022

He Kari Reta- SLJ Task 6- Kick start + Step it up

Hey bloggers,

Todays task was kind of complicated as it was all in Maori and we had to figure out what it said. The task was to create  a postcard  of a place you want to travel to. I created mine with remove background and my location is Dubai. I am doing the Step it up and kick start on the same blog post as t is on the same set of slides.

Here are the slides:

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Ka kite anō

It’s cool to be kind- SLJ Task 5 – Step it up

Kia Ora Bloggers,

For todays task we had to write a positive comment in Te Reo. I chose to comment on Jeremy’s blog. I really liked how I wrote it from English to Maori. . Here is the  link to Jeremy’s blog post.

Here is the slides:

Here is the comment:

Thanks for reading my blog
Blog ya Later:)

It’s cool to be kind-SLJ Task 4- Kick start

Heyyy Bloggers,

Todays Task is to leave a kind, positive comment on somebody’s blog. I commented on Alexia’s poetry slam post.  This is an act of kindness as I am leaving  a thoughtful comment. If you would like to, leave a comment on my blog. I hope by reading the comment I have written you learn how to create a positive comment to comment, on peoples blogs. I think my comment quality comment because i am being thoughtful and helpful by leaving a tip and saying something positive.

Anyway here is my comment:

Thank you for visiting my blog  Blog ya later

Poetry Slam- SLJ Task 3 – Step it up

Kia Ora  Bloggers

Welcome to another Summer Learning Journey blog post this is the step it up for the poetry Slam. For this activity we had to visit some poetry slams from last year and take video of us rading it out. I am using Karolina’s poetry Slam called ‘My Summer Haiku’ . One question we were given to Answer is How will we bring it to life? We can bring it to life by actually not wearing a hat and sunscreen outdoors, but encourage you guys to wear a hat and sunscreen outdoors this can prevent you from getting burnt and skin cancer.

Here is my screencastify:

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Stay safe this SUmmer 🙂 Blog Ya later!!

Poetry Slam- SLJ Task 2 – Kickstart

Hey Bloggers,

Here is the second activity of the Summer learning Journey. Today we had to make a copy of some slides and put ideas for our poems. My slides is inspired on a beach. We also watched some poetry slams people have created.

I think that they are passionate of getting their rights and opinions of what they are talking about and inspiring people. They are getting inspired in inspiring people and giving their opinions. They have presented their poems with inthusiasimn and passion. Their expressions, voice tones and way of saying what they need to say is different then what you imagine when its written.

Anyways her are my slides:

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Treasure Hunt- SLJ Task 1 + Bonus

kia ora bloggers,

For the first blog post of the summer learning journey, we had a science treasure hunt. For this task I got all the equipment and added it into my video.

The bonus I think was meant to be the step it up we were meant to use all the things that we found during the treasure hunt to make something. It could be anything at all. I collected some objects i found around the house like a lego a bolttle cap and more. I know that the creation I made wasn’t great but here is what I made.(Please do not mind my siblings in the backround noise.)

Thank you for visting my blog                                                                                                                                                                  Have a great summer. Feel free to leave me a comment:)                                                                                                               Blog ya later!!