Poetry Slam- SLJ Task 2 – Kickstart

Hey Bloggers,

Here is the second activity of the Summer learning Journey. Today we had to make a copy of some slides and put ideas for our poems. My slides is inspired on a beach. We also watched some poetry slams people have created.

I think that they are passionate of getting their rights and opinions of what they are talking about and inspiring people. They are getting inspired in inspiring people and giving their opinions. They have presented their poems with inthusiasimn and passion. Their expressions, voice tones and way of saying what they need to say is different then what you imagine when its written.

Anyways her are my slides:

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3 thoughts on “Poetry Slam- SLJ Task 2 – Kickstart

  1. Hi Asmah,

    It’s Emma here from the Summer Learning Journey.

    The beach is a great topic to pick, I think so many people have fond memories from days spent at the beach. The planning you have done has guided your poetry writing and produced great ideas. Your poems capture a day at the beach perfectly. I love the line where you tell us you can smell the bbq from a mile away! There is nothing quite like arriving at the beach to all those lovely smells and sounds. Thank you for sharing Asmah.

  2. Hi Asmah!

    I like how you described the way people read the poems using words like, passion and enthusiasm. These are some very good adjectives that you have added and make your writing more interesting. I really like your slides. I mostly enjoy your poems. What type of poem is your favorite?


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