Recreating Portraits- SLJ Task 9- Kickstart

Heyy bloggers,

For todays task we had to create a potrait of somebody. I chose to recreate Susan B. Anthony. The reason I chose to recreate a potrait of her is because she helped fugitive slaves escape and held anti slavery protests. I really enjoyed recreating it beacuse it looks so simallar and I am proud of how I created it.

Anyway here is my potrait:

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3 thoughts on “Recreating Portraits- SLJ Task 9- Kickstart

  1. Hi Asmah,

    It’s Emma from the Summer Learning Journey. It is awesome to see you are making such great progress with the summer activities already.
    What a fabulous choice. I didn’t know about Susan B. Anthony, but you have inspired me to research her myself, what an outstanding woman! You should absolutely be proud of your recreation. I can see you have paid attention to every detail in the photo. Did it take you a long time to get your hair done up the way it is in the photo? You have also matched the tone of the black and white photo brilliantly. Did you enjoy doing this task? It looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing a great post Asmah.

    1. Hey Emma,

      I absoluetly loved this task. My sister did my hair for me it took around 2 minutes. Thank you for commenting on my blog post.

      Have a great holiday

      1. Hi Asmah,

        Great to hear you enjoyed it, I’m going to have a read of your step it up task now. Your sister did a great job with it, I know it would have taken me much longer!

        Enjoy your holidays!

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